What are the benefits of hardwood flooring?

At first glance, hardwood flooring seems like a long and tedious process due to the many options the product line offers. Those options give way to a fantastic flooring result that will perform for years, creating financial savings over time. Learning more about wood floors and how they can serve a household is always an excellent way to prepare for a remodeling shop, so here are some facts to start with.

Enjoy years of performance and beauty

The many choices in this product line mean these floors are easy to customize, offering options in species type, solid or engineered wood flooring, stain color, board width, surface texture, and installation layouts, to name only a few. It's easy to mix and match these options to create a surface that serves your interior design and lifestyle. Moreover, wood floors last over 100 years with professional installation and regular upkeep and maintenance, so replacement may never be necessary. The durability hardwood flooring offers is part of why the floors last so long, and it all starts with the suitable species. The more traffic and activity a home sees, the harder the species is required to protect your wood floors. Adding the proper sealant or surface texture is easy, while runners and area rugs are commonly added for extended durability.  Installation can take time due to the care required during the acclimation, staining, and finishing to achieve the desired results. Acclimation precedes every hardwood flooring installation and can take one to three days, depending on the humidity levels in and around the home. Once you choose your perfect materials and services, we'll take measurements and give you an estimate on price and installation time.

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