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Bamboo is a renewable resource, and it provides a hard durable flooring for most areas in your home.It is similar to hardwood as it provides beautiflu durable wood planks. Although in the hardwood family, it is actually one of the fastest growing plants and is plentiful. Once constructed as a plank, it provides a very hard durable finish.


Cork is a renewable resource that is harvested from trees. It is able to be grown again and reduces loss of forestes. It has a very comfortable Vinyl surface. Customers who have had cork in their home for years, only ever mention the best experiences with it and would not trade it for anything else!

Flooring Supplies

HI Neighbor sells installation tools, adhesives, metal mouldings and transition strips, mortars and grouts. As well, we carry a full range of carpet padding, laminate underlayment, sub flooring and tile boards.

A must have for new flooring is the proper cleaning products to ensure your new floor maintains its beautful appearance for many years to come.We carry manufactrer's cleaners related to the specific flooring purchased. These products are a good choice as they provide peace of mind that our consumer is using the proper cleaner which will enhance the apearance, and not damage their investment.


Paint is one of the most economical and fastest ways to completely change the look and atmosphere of any room in your home. We offer painting supplies and have indoor and outdoor paint products.

Sico Paint and Sikkens Stains are carried at Hi Neighbor including all the necessary tools and applicators required to complete your room. As well our paint salesperson is a Certified Paint Consultant and also an Interior Decorating Consultant. With decades of experience, you can be assured of making a great colour choice, together!


We offer carpet padding, laminate underlayment, sub flooring materials as well as area rug underlayments. 

Underlayment provides comfort in conjunction with your new flooring. They also will perform up to the standards that are manufacturers recommended for our wide range of products.